The Gyro

The Gyro is a music duo of the astonishing vocals from Siobhan Hesketh and lyricist Derek Lewis.
The Gyro gigs and tour with their very own Gyroic funk band, which has grown over the years.
The Gyro formed in 2010 with Siobhan as lead vocals and Derek as a songwriter and lyricist, creating new and exciting original music. Its been stated that Siobhan voice is "wistful and sultry, bringing folk to the funk, and known for bringing more than one shiver down the spine". Which says a lot about the quality!
In 2017 The Gyro released two albums. The first album is called 'Naked n Xposed'. The second album is called 'When A Song Dies'. 
The first single from the album is a rock funk song called Rollercoaster
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The Gyro has 2 albums:
'Naked n Xposed'
'When a Song Dies'