March 2017 -

Added some new band members to the Gyroic funk band .

Gyroic funk band has new Saxophonist for first time. 

The Gyro gigged at Amersham Arms in New Cross. I always wanted perform in that venue, as its area I grew up. We played all original songs, new band members did well, learning songs in such short notice. 

Enjoyed a nice Easter weekend gig, 16th April 2017, at the Rhu Bar, Basingstoke. Loved this venue, second time we played here, crowd was wonderful!

April 2017 -

Band plans to make music video. In discussions with videographer. On the hunt for location.

Chat to several dance groups offering to help in music videos ideas.

Just got offered a gig at Westfield Shopping Centre on 28th May 2017. Band will film this gig for music video, hopefully looks good. 

doing a private booking 30th April 2017, for a wedding. Band has amazing setlist of cover songs for this.


May 2017

On Sunday 7th May 2017 Video shoot for Rollercoaster, Secret, Never Touch The Ground and So Bad. Its was a perfect day, beautiful weather with lots of sunshine! Got some great music video filmed. Editing will be complete hopefully in June 2017.

We want a full brass and string section to join the Gyroic funk band . Hopefully have this done by Westfields Shopping centre - Sunday 28th May 2017

Violinist Simon joins Gyroic funk band

Westfield gig was awesome Gyroic funk performed as 9 piece for this show.


June 2017

Cellist Lily  returns to Gyroic funk band  after 2 years away!